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The topic of sustainability dominates the media almost daily. In agriculture, it becomes more and more important to be considerate of the natural environment and the farmers as well. LIMBUA has been engaged in sustainable agriculture in Kenya since day one. By now, we work with more than 7,000 organically certified smallholders and offer training in order to spread knowledge and to support exchange.

Facts and figures

Macadamia harvest 2022

After four labor-intensive months, this year’s macadamia nut harvest is finished. From February until June, our organically certified smallholder farmers had a lot to do. Learn more about the facts here:

Avocado oil from Kenya

Our new avocado oil factory

In 2021, it was time to take the next step - and develop our company further. The result is a project that satisfies Kenyan farmers and end customers alike: a factory for avocado oil, decentralized, at the foot of Mount Kenya, like our other factories. Find out in this article about its impact on  the lives of the Kenyans and what we are doing to produce a first-class product.

Natural cosmetics

Skin care with macadamia

The macadamia nut is also in natural cosmetics in high demand. By cold pressing the nuts, an oil is won, which supports the skin intensively. The main German Television channel, ZDF, reported on this in its program “Natürlich schön – Kosmetik neu gedacht” (Naturally beautiful - cosmetics rethought) and presented LIMBUA.

Sustainability involves
organic practices, fair trade & development

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