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We believe: If you are one of the market leaders for organic macadamia nuts, you should set the best example. That's why LIMBUA creates value chains in which there are only winners: around 7,000 smallholders in Kenya and over 700 employees, who work in the local factories.

Additionally, a large number of quality-conscious customers in Europe and the USA, who produce high-quality food and cosmetics, or trade in them, benefit from the value chains created by LIMBUA. Together, we show that sustainability is much more than organic farming: We see it as a new way of doing business in which people and nature have a secure future.


    When LIMBUA was founded, we were inspired by social entrepreneurs from around the world. Our goal was to link all elements of the value chain in a way that benefits farmers, processors, traders and end customers alike.

    Today, we are proud that we have achieved our goal.


    How do you keep an eye on quality when you work with 7,000 smallholder farmers? Through modern software: raw material recording, storage, logistics and organic certification are completely digitized at our company. In this way, we ensure maximum transparency and traceability, all the way back to the farm.

  • Foundations

    Many sustainability goals of the UN Agenda 2030 are also on our agenda. After all, sustainability is not just a question of ecological cultivation. It is also about income and food security, market and educational opportunities, less poverty and many other eco-social aspects.
    We are joining forces to work on this.

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The topic of sustainability dominates the media almost daily. In agriculture, it becomes more and more important to be considerate of the natural environment and the farmers as well. LIMBUA has been engaged in sustainable agriculture in Kenya since day one. By now, we work with more than 7,000 organically certified smallholders and offer training in order to spread knowledge and to support exchange.

Facts and figures

Macadamia harvest 2022

After four labor-intensive months, this year’s macadamia nut harvest is finished. From February until June, our organically certified smallholder farmers had a lot to do. Learn more about the facts here:


Natural cosmetics and organic foods need first-class raw materials. Our own, fully digitized quality management is therefore complemented by numerous certifications. You can be sure: Our macadamia nuts, Avocados and Mangos are 100% organic, kosher, halal and of course fair traded.



Sustainability involves
organic practices, fair trade & development

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